Making Dancing Fun & EZ... One Step at a Time

Here at EZ Dancing, you will find professional dance instructors that will do their best to ensure that you are satisfied with your learning - They will do everything they can to meet your dancing goals.

our approach

EZ Dancing is a place where people from all walks of life come to learn how to dance. We are a small studio that opened up for business in 2009. Our mission is to teach people how to dance in a fun, supportive, relaxed, and creative atmosphere that complements their learning potential. Some people have events that they are getting ready for; others just want to learn  how to dance and want to try as many dances as they can.
Here at EZ Dancing, we teach our students by focusing on their learning style. We identify the student's style of learning and we cater to that style to facilitate, encourage, and allow the student to excel at their dancing.
Edgar Diaz has been teaching professionally since 2006 and holds a bachelors degree in business administration and finance from UMKC. As an instructor, he works hard to help his students become the best dancers they can be! He has been dancing since he was six, and has trained extensively all around the world.

After ten years of professionally teaching people how to dance, he has seen people’s lives transformed through dancing. Some people just work on their wedding dance, some people are wanting to get ready for a cruise, and others just want to learn how to dance; because that is something that they have been wanting to do for as long as they can remember. As he puts it, "When I meet a new student, I always wonder how his/her life is going to change because of their desire to learn how to dance."

So if you are here, take the next step! Give us a call or schedule your first lesson online, stop just thinking about it and let's get you on the dance floor! Click here to schedule your lesson!

You will find us conveniently located off I-70 and 7 Hwy in Blue Springs, MO. Just 20 minutes from Downtown kansas  city.

who we are

We believe in teaching our students by catering to their learning style in order to facilitate their progress.

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